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Violet Moon

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A Project, a Community

Originally "Vazkii's Mods", Violet Moon was started in 2011 when a young Vazkii decided that creating mods for Minecraft Beta was a good idea. Over the years, Vazkii produced dozens of mods, the best of which are actively developed to this day. After over ten years of the project being self-titled, and many other people having been brought in to help maintain and contribute, Vazkii's Mods became Violet Moon, and here we are today.

Nowadays, Violet Moon is much more than a well-known collection of addons for a video game - it's a whole team, innovating and pushing the envelope on modern Minecraft gameplay. Our community emphasizes care and acceptance, promoting humanitarianism and creating high quality content for all to enjoy.

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High Quality Minecraft Mods

With over 500 million downloads and counting, you may know us for...

Crucial 2
Akashic Tome

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