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Originally "Vazkii's Mods", Violet Moon was started in 2011 when a young Vazkii decided that creating mods for Minecraft Beta was a good idea. Over the years, Vazkii produced dozens of mods, the best of which are actively developed to this day. After over ten years of the project being self-titled, and many other people having been brought in to help maintain and contribute, Vazkii's Mods became Violet Moon, and here we are today.

Nowadays, Violet Moon is much more than a well-known collection of addons for a video game - it's a whole team, innovating and pushing the envelope on modern Minecraft gameplay. Our community emphasizes care and acceptance, promoting humanitarianism and creating high quality content for all to enjoy.

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The Violet Moon Discord Server is a friendly community, accepting towards LGBT+ and Neurodivergent individuals, focused on creating a kind and welcoming space for all. Unlike other communities that self describe as safe spaces, Violet Moon strives to create a welcoming environment for all, marginalized or not, and to avoid creating "hug-box"-like behaviour.

Violet Moon is a general purpose community, containing Minecraft based channels, but not entirely focused on it. You will also find channels for various types of content posting, as well as discussion of serious, and less serious topics. Users are also encouraged to create threads for in-depth discussion of any game they wish.

"Adult" content is not permitted in the Violet Moon discord, however, the Community Area is an 18+ space, in order to curb the potential of people of far too different age ranges having to interact and causing conflict. If you are over 18, and are looking for a chill place to talk about games, modding, problems in the world, or things in your mind, come join!

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